Ingless's PersonallityEdit

Ingless is the main charater who is suppost to die she is saved by Thundernight a Cougar, she lives a life a wolf would mayby choose to have. Ingless is brown with a creamy chest. She TRYS to HELP EVERYONE! Ingless is a carring ,fun smart wolf!


In her lifeEdit

Ingless was dropped by Monna the Obea of the Mac Duncan clan.

She was supost to die but made it by a mother courgar Thundernight.

When a wolf saw her she must be taken to her clan and she knew it,but she didn't want to leave her beloved Thundernight. She knew it would be better. Her Mum Siree and Mac Duncan were over joyed but how?why? They didn't know. Later in the book Ingless Joins THE LAST WOLF Competetion, Does she win? I know I wrote the book!

When it comes out you can Find OUT!

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